Schools for Hope: A Global Family Initiative

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Schools for Hope aims to create a one-to-one connection and a cultural exchange between classrooms in the United States and families in Uganda's Acholi Quarter. Classes or student groups in the U.S. have the opportunity to select a family to adopt by viewing videos and family profiles.

The students will help to raise money to improve the family’s basic living conditions, build them a home, and help the family become financially stable through vocational training and business start-up initiatives. The students will be able to maintain an email exchange and through letters and photos will learn more about their adopted family.

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Lapeko Alice and her family look forward to sponsorship through PHH's Schools for Hope program.Lamunu Susan and her babyAtimago Betty and her family

From left: Lapeko Alice and family; Atimago Betty and family; Lamunu Susan and baby Gerald.

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Teacher's Guide

Our educational program guide for teachers contains useful text, maps, and photos. Sections include:

  • Background Information on Uganda
  • The Acholi and the Acholi Quarter
  • Acholi and the Conflict in Northern Uganda
  • Brief History of Uganda
  • Internally Displaced Peoples Camps and Resettlement
  • Current Issues Facing the Acholi o Millennium Development Goals
  • What you can do? Take Action

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