Support a Female Entrepreneur

Providing the seed money for a loan to an entrepreneur allows her the opportunity to create a sustainable source of income. We have watched entrepreneurs transform their family's lives with the success of their small businesses. When the women pay back the loan to Project Have Hope, the money is then loaned to another woman to invest in her business initiative. Your donation will continue to make an impact for years to come.


PHH Loans Program

PHH began offering loans in January 2007. In its first year, the loans were small—ranging from $175 to $300.

Women used the loans mainly to supplement existing businesses or start small-scale businesses, such as selling vegetables or fish within the Acholi Quarter.

After reviewing and assessing the loans program at the end of its first year, it became apparent that although these women were able to regularly pay back their loans, the loans were still too small to enable these women create sustainable income-generating activity.

In January 2008, PHH began offering significantly larger loans, ranging anywhere from $300 to $1,500.

Any woman who graduates from PHH’s vocational training program is guaranteed a loan immediately after graduation so she may start her own business using her newly acquired skills.

To date more than 65 women have benefitted from these loans.